My Feelings About Moving to a Big, New City

Let me start this off with some background information:

I am 19 years-old. I grew up in a relatively small town in Kentucky. Where the roads are mostly one-laned and there are more farms than there are anything else.

This summer, I got to do an internship in Baltimore, Maryland. Whoa! Yes, of course I jumped on the opportunity because whoa! New city! I’m young and I want to travel and see the world!


But here’s the thing. I’m a young (19 years old), small (5′ 3″) female who is not good at parallel parking.

Moving to Baltimore felt like moving to a whole new world. A world where I had to carry pepper spray with me whenever I exited my apartment building. A world where I had to lock my car doors whenever I wanted to drive somewhere. A world where groceries went from being like $30 a week to $50 a week.

So right now, I am sitting in my apartment alone, wanting to try some famous Baltimore seafood but too afraid to go out for fear of being mugged or kidnapped. And hence, this blog has taken formation.

Internships are nice, but unfortunately, they don’t really ensure that you will have a social life while you’ll there too.


Yes, traveling is fun. But doing it alone as a young, female is very scary. it is challenging. it is stressful. and it is boring at times (hence, the blog).

I’ll keep you updated, world.





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