2018 New Years Resolutions

Wow. Where. the. fuck. did. 2017. go?


I feel like so much has happened in a whirlwind. In one word, I guess I could say 2017 was: healing. happy.gif

Here are my resolutions for this next upcoming year:

  1. Find someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. 2017 was full of self-love, and I feel like I’m ready to fall in love again. Like head over heels, caught in a whirlwind that won’t slow down kind of love. We’ll see. love
  2. Kick orgo 2 in the balls. You got this girl.
  3. Study for  the mcat and eventually also kick that in the balls. Hard work WILL pay off. Just remember why you’re doing this all, and the late nights will all be worth it! sleep
  4. Keep dancing. It’s the one thing that has kept you sane throughout this all. dancing
  5. Give it your best. Live life to the most. You only get once to be in college and this young and reckless ❤ Live a little more 🙂

Honestly, that’s all I can think of right now…

Wishing everyone the best of luck with their resolutions!!! and have a kickass 2018 🙂

mic drop



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