New MCAT Study Materials

Here is a master list of items you may want to look into before taking your MCAT! Feel free to add any other ones in the comments. KAPLAN study guide: (full set of 7 book subjects with 3 full lengths) note: there is also an online KAPLAN MCAT class you can sign up for if you want more structure AAMC full length tests: reading New MCAT Study Materials

2018 New Years Resolutions

Wow. Where. the. fuck. did. 2017. go? I feel like so much has happened in a whirlwind. In one word, I guess I could say 2017 was: healing.  Here are my resolutions for this next upcoming year: Find someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. 2017 was full of self-love, and I feel like I’m ready to fall in love again. Like … Continue reading 2018 New Years Resolutions

Things that Make Me Happy

dancing sad indie rom-coms music biology (when i’m not stressing about an exam) meditating naps peppermint hot chocolate broccoli cheddar soup hugs friends taking aesthetic notes stretching posting a fire photo on Insta reflecting having freshly painted nails my mom my dad going home and sleeping in my own bed eating good food lazy days midnight walks watching the sunset sleeping in watching people I look up … Continue reading Things that Make Me Happy