Feeling Alone

I’ve been feeling really alone lately, and I’ve been trying not to feel so much but it’s really hard. I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago, and I think it was the right decision. It just feels rather empty now, that space. It is always nice having someone there for you, for […]

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2018 New Years Resolutions

Wow. Where. the. fuck. did. 2017. go? I feel like so much has happened in a whirlwind. In one word, I guess I could say 2017 was: healing.  Here are my resolutions for this next upcoming year: Find someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. 2017 was full of self-love, and I […]

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when he said he was sorry

do not look for healing in

the eyes of those who hurt you.

do not listen to his apology with an open heart;

you’ll need surgery afterwards

and that fatality rate is high.

apologies make for poor band-aids;

the hurt is still there,

just covered for now.

I hope you can learn to forgive him,

but ultimately,

forget him.

because you are stronger than you know;

you can find healing

in your own eyes.



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Things that Make Me Happy

dancing sad indie rom-coms music biology (when i’m not stressing about an exam) meditating naps peppermint hot chocolate broccoli cheddar soup hugs friends taking aesthetic notes stretching posting a fire photo on Insta reflecting having freshly painted nails my mom my dad going home and sleeping in my own bed eating good food lazy days midnight walks […]

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What Sex Means To Me

Here’s some background on who I am as a person, so you have some context: I am 19 years old. I am a college sophomore. I am a female. I am straight– maybe bi-sexual (who knows guys sexuality is fluid). I am agnostic and spiritual. I have had one serious boyfriend, a few skanky hookups, […]

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